Have You Seen Jesus?

Finally I am continuing with the Sing Praises posts. I’ve made the decision to commit every Friday to post a song discussion until the list is completed. So be sure and check out the newest song post each Friday. Please enjoy guest blogger, Lisa West for today's song discussion. Thank you Lisa for your insight … Continue reading Have You Seen Jesus?

Blessings of my Blogging Adventure

After completing my blog's first 31 Day Bible Study Challenge, I had no idea all the blessings I would receive from completing that challenge. Being in God's word always blesses and enriches my life and taking the time to study about faithful women taught me so much about my own faith and walk with God. … Continue reading Blessings of my Blogging Adventure

Judging Others

I started this blog because I love to write. When Cecily, my daughter learned to play the guitar, we started writing songs together. This was a great outlet for me. I loved it and I found it to be a great outlet. While I don't get to do much of it now, I still enjoy … Continue reading Judging Others