Prayers for a Blessed Holiday Season

Sorry for delay in my post this week. It’s been a busy week with preparing for the holiday. This week’s post is just short and simple prayer prompt to think about over the next week. My prayer this week is for a blessed holiday time for all my loved ones. I’m asking God to bless … Continue reading Prayers for a Blessed Holiday Season

A Crack is How the Light Gets In

I know this is shocking to read, but I really like to write. I've always enjoyed writing. As a child, I loved writing letters to cousins and friends. In school, English papers never intimidated me. As an adult, I'm now in the blogging world to express myself using the written word. Recently, I started the … Continue reading A Crack is How the Light Gets In

Little Moments, Big Memories

Yesterday I spent some time going through some old boxes and came across some keepsakes from my childhood. I scanned through old pictures, cards, mementos, and priceless letters. One note was given to me by lady from my childhood congregation. She had sent me a simple note of three lines. The words weren't of any … Continue reading Little Moments, Big Memories

What Am I Doing With My Gifts?

I've gotten occupied with yet another project. I'm definitely one who has diversity when it comes to interests. When my kids were younger and still in my home, it was easy to disguise my interest diversity in our homeschooling. Now without the cover of homeschooling, my eclectic nature of hobbies is more pronounced. I'm very … Continue reading What Am I Doing With My Gifts?